Arctic Night

Create a Website for This!

I am making a site for all my issues, loves, and thoughts is the hopes that if will help myself and even one other person who is going through the same thing as me.

Good Games

FarmingSlime RancherStardew Valley SurvivalMinecraftPalworld

Siete Foods Cassava Tortillas

Siete Food Cassava Tortillas are a very Clean store bought tortilla. These Tortillas can be stored frozen without harm or texture change. They can be cooked on the stove as per the instructions. They can also be microwaved 10 seconds on each side from frozen.

Taco Seasoning Recipie

4 tsp heaping Paprika2 tsp heaping Morton & Basset Chili Powder (nice mix with other things)1 tsp Arrowroot Starch (in place of corn starch)1 pound of Meat (preferably from meat market)3 tbsp Fresh Chives (or less of stronger Onion flavors)3/4-1 cup water Cook Taco Meat with Salt and Pepper (Non-ionized salt is histamine friendly).Stained Meat […]

Histamine is the Sadimine

Histamine makes me feel bad. Not bad like “Well my stomach is a little queasy, I don’t think I will eat that again.” When I say bad I mean “I feel like I am going to throw up but also not at the same time.” It makes me feel shaky, like low blood sugar and […]

Celiac and Gluten Free

The food is subpar to gross. Nobody know how to use seasoning. It and vegan is becoming synonymous with one another. That is Not a good thing unless you can eat soy.

Chronic Fatigue is Tiring

Its like your bones are lagging behind you soul. Like they are dragging you down and trudging through mud. It is frustrating. It can take days to recover. This is being bone tired.

Chronic Pain is a Pain

The feeling of the pain is painful. Pain is bad. The pain cycle is not nice. And pain that is chronic is worst.


Autism is a Topic I will discuss in the post. The post will reflect things about things.